Changing Your Password

You may want to change your password occasionally for security reasons.

  1. Go to the Administrative menu in the top menu bar of the Spectrum page and select My Settings.

  2. On the User Details page, type your new password in the New Password box and then retype it in the box below.

  3. If your system administrator has set password length or complexity requirements, there will be a reminder beside the New Password box.  If the password you select does not meet the requirements, you will be notified and must choose a conforming password.

  4. Click Save.

Automatic Logouts

If you see the message "Session is invalid or has timed out," or "In an effort to maintain security, the system has automatically logged you off," too much time has elapsed without activity and you have been automatically logged out.  To resume using Spectrum, you will need to log in again. The timeout period is by default 30 minutes, but the system administrator can change this default by editing the DataServer.exe.config file in \ScanScope\DataServer and changing the AuthCacheTimeout value. This value is in number of minutes. After changing this value, you must restart the DataServer.

Additional User Settings

Other settings on this page include: